This is a short portrait I shot and edited for the New York based artist Josh Dorman. It was commissioned by the John Martin Gallery, who represents Josh in London.

A portrait of Paolo Pelosini, an Italian artist who has been living in New York City since the 1970s. From his art-filled studio in East Harlem, he depicts the tragic and ironic fate of those who where left out of the scene and, at last, hope for fame after death.

The short has premiered at the SESIFF film festival in Fall 2016 and was selected for the NFMLA Best Of 2017.

This is the teaser for a short documentary I shot with Patrice Helmar, New York based photographer. The video has been premiered at the Jewish Museum in New York.

This is a character study I shot on Mariano La Manno, owner of the Acquasanta restaurant in Brooklyn.

This is a video I shot and edited for a project made with Patrice Helmar, New York based photographer.

This is a video profile I shot of the New York based artist Daniel Horowitz. What started as a project born out of curiosity ended up being used for a Kickstarter campaign to sponsor his residence in the Leipzig International Art Programme.

The Vernissage was a project created by four friends whose main purpose to give visibility to emerging artists. One of my contribution to the project was to make profiles of the artists that were featured in the website.

Max's work is hard to inscribe within a specific practice; in his art he jumps from papermaking to printmaking, from embroidery to sculpture and to collage. In this short video we provide you a brief insight into his life, into his complex creative process, and into the ideas behind it. Fascinated by human identity, Max exploits several techniques in order to create what we believe to be some of the most original and fascinating work we have seen in quite some time.

Derek Des Islets is a Brooklyn based painter. I went to Brooklyn, where he lives and paints, and tried to capture a sense of his life, his art and his weird mind. 

Here is the first video I made. It's on Inas al-Soqi, New York based collage artist.