In The Mood for love

"In The Mood For Love" is a photographic book I made with Giulia Trabaldo Togna, editor, and Michele Maturo, who wrote the three poems used as text for the book.

On early 2016, I went to Las Vegas with the semi-serious intention of creating a portrait of love for the San Valentine's weekend. Somewhere between the artificiality of the city and the flocks of couples who threw themselves in this absurd environment, I got lost and started to collect fragments of a story that ended up becoming this book.

It's a story about love and loneliness, filled with clichés, irony and romanticism. The photographs are accompanied by three poems by Michele Maturo, which hold these fragments together and guide the reader through this story.

You can find it for sale here.

The book has been presented at the Italian Cultural Institute in New York on September 2016 and at the Supercapannone in Bologna (Italy) on January 2016